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Stretch Ceiling

Swimming Pools

Stretch Ceilings are one of the best products to apply in a swimming pool environment. It creates a vapour barrier and does not allow the moisture to make any damage.
Stretch Ceiling

Retail & Commercial

Our installers can fit our Stretch ceilings in any of your retail or commercial premises. We can create any design you desire and any complexity your building requires.
Stretch Ceiling


Stretch Ceilings are an ideal product to install in your home. They will be one of the best solutions which creates an astonishing interior design and make you smile all the time you are looking up.

VM Interiors – Your Dependable Stretch Ceiling Partner

With over a decade’s experience in the interior design industry, we, at VM Interiors, offer bespoke Stretch Ceiling solutions that are sure to take your project to the next level. Our customer-centric approach combined with our technical expertise and will allow us to deliver timely results that not only meet but surpass your expectations – both in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

With several quality and safety standards certifications under our belt – including ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 – we take strict health and safety measures to ensure complete safety of our staff as well as the general public during works. Moreover, our Health and Safety Policy are completely in line with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

All the on-site Stretch Ceiling installation, repair or maintenance work are overseen and performed by a team of highly experienced Stretch Ceiling specialists that warrant a delightful and hassle-free customer experience.

What is Stretch Ceiling? 

Primarily a suspended ceiling system, Stretch ceiling has two major components – a perimeter track and a fabric membrane. Besides ceilings, this system can also be used for light diffusers, wall coverings, exhibitions, and floating panels. Incorporation of almost all types of grills, light fixtures and fixing points is possible with Stretch Ceilings.

Stretch ceiling is a great choice as a ceiling solution because of two main reasons. Firstly, stretch ceiling installation takes less time to install and secondly, it doesn’t create a mess like other methods. Moreover, stretch ceiling installation can even be done in one piece, depending on the size of the space to be covered.

Material Used for Stretch Ceiling Installation 

The material used in Stretch Ceiling Installation is a fully recyclable, PVC-based Stretch Membrane which is available in myriad finishes and tones. This material can further be painted or printed for added aesthetic effects.

In addition to being completely washable, waterproof and impermeable to vapour, our low-maintenance Barrisol Stretch Ceiling material is non-toxic and comes with a fire-rating of B-S2, d0 in Europe; equivalent to Class 0 in the UK.

The lightweight PVC sheets can be customised to any size shape and size with a single piece typically covering up to 50 square metres of area. Every panel is equipped with a “Harpoon Edge”, welded ultrasonically, that clips into the perimeter track.

Stretch Ceiling Installation Process 

During the Stretch Ceiling installation, the Barrisol stretch Ceiling PVC film sheet is heated to a temperature of around 70 °C and thereafter, the softened sheet is stretched and affixed to a pre-developed frame.

By and large, semi-concealed PVC track is the most popular choice as it easily allows for the formation of different shapes, including domes, curves and vaults. To meet specific needs, aluminium track options are also available.

Stretch Ceiling installation is performed by highly skilled and experienced employees, who are expert at covering large areas of ceilings quickly and efficiently with minimum wastage.


Common Benefits of Stretch Ceiling Installation 

Here are some common reasons that make Stretch Ceiling Installation an excellent choice for interior projects:

  • More choices to be creative
  • More design, colour and finish options to select from
  • Supports virtually all types of surfaces, shapes and forms
  • Can integrate all sorts of light fixtures
  • Supports all kinds of ceiling fixtures
  • Virtually maintenance-free – doesn’t support mould, dust and moisture
  • Non-toxic and recyclable
  • Capable of hiding all types of ceiling imperfections
  • Resistant to vapours and chlorine
  • Highly energy efficient because of the airlock
  • Reusable and removable
  • Faster and cleaner installation
  • Waterproof and acoustically efficient

Types of Stretch Ceiling 

Stretch Ceiling comes is a variety of finishes and styles. Here are the most popular ones.

  • Glossy Stretch Ceiling:

    This helps develop an original design space. With more vibrant colour choices, this type of ceiling aid in enhancing the visual appeal of interior spaces. Moreover, the “mirror” effect of this type of stretch ceiling not only makes your spaces appear roomier but also lighter. Besides, a darker shade option means it would better reflect your interior elements.

  • Matte Stretch Ceiling:

    This classic style goes well with almost any interior setting. No glare or reflections means it gives an impression of the exact colour of your choice. These ceilings are more resistant to scratches and water, hence easy to clean without the fear of any damage to the material.

  • Satin Stretch Ceiling:

    This lies between matte and glossy finishes. This type of Stretch Ceiling nearly doesn’t reflect glare from chandeliers and lamps, owing to its medium lustre. Its texture is quite similar to silk, hence offers a soothing and nice look. Also, moderate glare from the lights helps make space soft, warm and comfy.

  • Photo Print Stretch Ceiling:

    This type of Stretch Ceiling can dramatically transform any interior space by adding a dash of elegance and style. Photo Print Stretch Ceilings easily enables any interior designer to bring even the most unimaginable ideas into reality. And, owing to the fact that this kind of ceiling comes with all the benefits of Stretch Ceiling, it is long-lasting and preserves its new looks for years.

 How Much Does Stretch Ceiling Cost? 

 Several factors come into play when it comes to Stretch Ceiling Installation. These factors So, Stretch Ceiling cost and may include the amount of Barrisol Stretch Ceiling PVC film and its texture, number of angles, curved areas to be covered, installation of light, smoke alarm or fan, among several other things.

Why VM Interiors for Stretch Ceiling?

Owing to our unmatched expertise and many years of experience of successfully completing a wide range of ceiling installation projects in and around London, we know what it takes to deliver a project that is not just cost-and time-efficient, but truly fits your idea of an ideal Stretch Ceiling.

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