Shopfitting Service in Northampton

Our Shop Fitting Process in 4 Well-Defined Steps


Shopfitting Planning

We liaise with developers and planners to come up with exceptional outcomes.


Shopfitting Design

Our experienced designers will create a shopfitting layout design that reflects their expertise as well as your design expectations.


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Our team of self-motivated and trained shopfitters will carry out the whole shopfitting installation process with complete dedication to bring your vision to life.

After Sales Services

Our relationships with our clients don’t end once the project is complete. We are readily available to our customers for quick maintenance and all kinds of post-sales services.

Shop Fitting in Northampton and Beyond

An integral part of VM Interiors’ service portfolio, shopfitting has allowed us to build long-standing relationships with many reputable clients in the retail sector. As a leading shopfitting contractor in Northampton, we provide bespoke shop fit-outs and offer everything, from a new retail set-up to complete refurbishment.

We boast a team of experienced shop-fitting professionals, who showcase a blend of traditional manual skills and ground-breaking technical prowess that allows us to deliver the best results possible on time and within budget.

As a reliable shopfitting service provider in Northampton, we have the capacity and expertise to offer a complete range of shop-fitting solutions and installation services anywhere in the UK. Enjoying a reputation for excellence in the retail industry, we are largely known for the accurate and timely delivery of dependable, cost-effective shopfitting projects.

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What is Shop Fitting?

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Shopfitting is a profession that involves fitting out service outlets and retail shops with fittings, fixtures, and equipment. This is applicable to all types of establishments, from local corner shops, departmental stores, and convenience stores, to high-street giants, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. While retail shopfitters are responsible for planning, designing store layouts, and installing equipment and fittings, a shopfitting company is expected to have a high level of professional expertise in the manufacturing and installation of customized fittings and furniture, as well as interior design and furnishing.

A retail shopfitting process typically starts with a survey and assessment of the available retail space, followed by the preparation of shopfitting design drawings to be submitted to the client for approval. In many instances, clients may get the drawings prepared by independent interior designers. Thereafter, the shopfitting contractor purchases or manufactures necessary supplies, fittings, and furniture. They will then physically install everything until the shop is ready for operation.

Why Bespoke Shop Fitting Design & Installation is Important

Established businesses know all too well that the look of a retail store matters, but that is not the only important thing to consider. It’s also about how customer-friendly your store or outlet is, how welcoming your retail space is, how easy it is to navigate through different sections, and how easy it is to find and buy your products.

All shops are different and so are their shopfitting needs. For example, a fashion outlet will always be keen on ensuring that their shop display fittings are up-to-the-minute as well as sophisticated with respect to color and style. A plumbing supplier is likely to be less concerned about the style and color choices but will be more focused on the durability and strength of the shop fittings.

While almost every business these days, must meet specific accessibility requirements by law, there are some companies that are more interested than others in having a high level of accessibility throughout their retail space. For example, cash and carry stores offering extra-large trolleys to carry items, require wider aisles between their shelving arrangements. Similarly, a babywear store needs to ensure that prams and pushchairs can easily navigate through different sections of their retail space.

As a reputable shopfitting contractor, VM interiors has the knowledge, experience, and expertise in the supply and installation of bespoke furniture, shop fittings, and equipment to develop an inviting and appealing retail space that can reflect professionalism and core values of your business.

VM Interiors – Your Dependable Shop Fitting Company in the UK

With long-standing expertise in retail shop fittings, we have delivered many successful shopfitting projects that aren’t just impressive but have exceeded the expectations of our clients in terms of quality and cost.

Offering nationwide bespoke shopfitting services for many years, VM Interiors’ shopfitting solutions encompass primary shopfitting design, the supply of necessary shop fittings, and are all manufactured from high-quality materials. This includes handmade shop display fittings and counters, and efficient and professional installation carried out by our highly motivated team of skilled shopfitters, operatives, and site managers.

Why Choose VM Interiors for Retail Shop Fittings?

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Contact VM Interiors for Budget-Friendly, Customised Shop Fitting Solutions & Installations

VM Interiors offers a comprehensive range of solutions that are sure to fulfill all your shop-fitting needs. Our shopfitting costs are competitive and the services are beyond comparison! The way we value our customers along with our commitment to workplace safety and our eco-friendly approach towards everything we do is bound to impress you!

If you are recently planning to hire a shopfitting company to create or renovate a retail space in Northampton, London, or anywhere in the UK, we encourage you to speak with our shopfitting experts today for professional guidance on shop fittings and to understand how we can help you transform your dream into reality within budget.