Dry-Lining Contractors

C Stud and Channel Dry lining Partitions

If you are looking for a cost-effective and wall lining partition, then stud and channel partitions are what you need. They can be used in residential and even industrial constructions for partitioning or refurbishment schemes. The distributions come in varying strength, thickness, width and length. This means that they are perfect for a variety of applications like impact resistance and sound insulation.

The lining is taped, and this can guarantee you a smooth finish. Alternatively, you can choose a plated skim for the same seamless finish and appearance. This makes them effective for dry-lining.


Some of our projetcs.

Party Walls

The channel and stud party walls are twin-framed and non-load bearing. Party wall installation is usually meant to help keep out the noise and also ensure that both parties enjoy their privacy. This is the reason it is mainly used in residential buildings to maintain tranquillity. If you want to meet specific sound performance in a commercial or industrial building, then this system can also be the solution. Furthermore, it complies with the National Building Regulations and thus you will never have to worry about breaking the law.

Party walls have a lining that is taped and jointed, or you could go for a skim plaster finish for a smooth and seamless appearance.

Beam Encasement

The fire has always been dangerous in commercial and residential buildings. To help mitigate its effects, you can choose beam encasement around structural steel to offer up to 3 hours of fire resistance. This acts like fire resistant plastering around universal columns and beams sections.

Beam encasement comes in varying flange thickens. Other than maintaining the building’s structural forms, it also protects joist sections, castellated beam sections and portal frames. The beauty of beam encasement is that it can be used in almost any building provided fire protection is needed.