Tape and Jointing

We provide tape and jointing services in Northampton, where we expertly and professionally build and repair solid foundations of plasterboard. By precisely jointing and taping it to a smooth finish, you can get on painting, decorating, hanging wall art and photos, or making your home or office sound and stylish.Our tape and jointing system is used to join plasterboard to the walls and ceilings of the structure being worked on. This is called dry lining.


This adhering and smoothing system of taping and jointing is achieved by bringing together the plasterboards and setting them into place evenly and applying a few coats of filler, which act as a smoothing agent, intended to even out all creases that may have been present between the separate boards, allowing each board to blend into the next, creating a larger section of seamless wall space.
After the filler has been applied, the entire surface is now smooth and complete. The wall that needed to be built or repaired, is now ready to be decorated by the owner for a beautiful and seamless look.The tape and jointing system is different than the wet plastering method you may be familiar with, which uses additional materials and smoothing with a joint tool and requires drying time and sanding to achieve the same results. This is why our professionals stand apart from the rest.
We at (Insert company name here) use innovative, efficient, and cost-effective methods to build up a solid platform and provide a smooth finish to your wall space, so you can get on or get finished with your projects quickly.
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