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The Nucleus Chesterford Research Park, B60

This is the biggest project undertaken by VM Interiors till date whose valuation is over £750 and which is now complete. This assignment allowed us to offer the main services that we specialise in viz. Dry Lining, Suspended Ceiling and Plastering. Below, you will find how much effort went into each task and how adept we are in them:

Dry Lining

At VM Interiors, we have skilled dry lining contractors who are highly experienced and committed to delivering your project timely.

As a customer-oriented organisation, we pay attention to your needs and work together to figure out the right course of action.

If you have renovations or partitions on your mind, the dry lining can be the right solution. This was a requirement of this project and we made sure that we used the choicest materials and did not err with regard to strength, thickness and size.

In keeping with its reputation, VM Interiors once more did first-rate, economical dry lining for a commercial assignment.

When it comes to dry lining, we are always attuned to the latest laws and regulations. And besides abiding by the law, our specialised dry lining contractors use such methods to tape and joint walls that you could skim plaster and enjoy an absolutely roughness-free finish.

Suspended Ceiling

Now, this was another task that needed to be accomplished properly and our suspended ceiling contractors did pull it off successfully.

Suspended ceilings are used for multiple reasons. For example, if you are concerned about dampness, you can opt for a suspended ceiling built with vapour-resistant tiles. Suspended ceilings also prove useful when you wish to enhance acoustics, making an area fit to record music or more reachable to those with hearing issues.

VM Interiors can put suspended ceilings even in those areas where something like air conditioning may be a cause for concern. And the appearance of your building, instead of deteriorating, will get a boost.

We give you strong reasons to seek this service. It is a cheap alternative that you must definitely consider if you want to hide hideous pipework. And we enjoy superb fire rating as well. We let you choose wisely from our repertoire and as always make sure that the work we do is in adherence to the existing UK laws.


Hard-Wall, Plastering and Rendering is another key service of ours that we had to offer in this particular project.

Our qualified plastering contractors offer high-quality results unfailingly and cleanly without leaving any mess behind. Contrary to what many thinks, plastering is not a one-size-fits-all service.

At VM Interiors, we have proficient plastering contractors who have been doling out plastering services for more than a decade. They know all the tricks of the trade and will apprise you of the services that will really suit your project.

This was a commercial undertaking but had it been residential or anything else, we would have again used the same techniques viz: dry lining, skimming, plastering, repairs, external rendering and sand and cement render for outstanding results.

Professionalism & Satisfaction Guarantee

We take pride in the services that we offer to our customers. It doesn’t matter if your task involves just a little repair, complete renovation or full plastering of a completely new structure.

We always take to every project with the attention and sincerity that it demands.

We consider your requirements and always make sure that your vision is our driving force. Our specialists keep you updated throughout and will take leave only when you are satisfied with the outcome.

We do our work with such confidence that we offer all our customers Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with our plastering finish, we will do the needful until you have no complaints.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee is applicable to all the plastering that we do while working on a project. Our work fills us with pride and we want you to feel the same.

Our Credentials

The Nucleus Chesterford Research Park, Saffron Walden, England is the project site.

Our client chose us on the basis of our strong track record and we returned the favour by making sure the deadlines were always met. Besides, we adopted the best standards vis-a-vis quality, health, safety and environmental protection.

We at VM Interiors are aware that we will be gauged by our past records and we also know that our policies and accreditations too will not go unnoticed. And as far as these two parameters are concerned, you can assume that you will not be disappointed at all.

Our company policies are thoroughly extensive. We have a policy each for every possible issue that can matter viz. Quality, Data Protection, Drugs and Alcohol, Environment, Equality, Diversity, Data Protection, Safety at Work, Health, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Training, Theft, Bribery, Corruption and last but not least, COVID19, which is taking precedence over everything else presently.

In a similar vein, we have accreditations and certifications, and the ones by ISO are worth mentioning.


Other Services

We would like to let you know of the other services that we could not offer this time but that we are a dab hand at nonetheless. These include Acoustic Solution, Tape and Jointing and more.

Tape and Jointing

Tape and jointing is an uncomplicated way to fix solid plasterboard that is damaged.

We also offer tape and jointing services to link plasterboards together, leaving no crack or gap behind. We focus on every section and join the plasterboards in such a way that you can have a space that makes others envy you. This system is a far cry from conventional plastering as it needs less drying time and provides you with a cleaner solution.

Acoustic Solution 

And considering how much acoustics matter, we have ensured that we are expert in this field when it is about offering interior building solutions. We know the materials that repel, lessen and suck up the sound and are precise with the placing and positioning of ceiling panels, wall partitions and screens.


Do not hesitate in seeking help from us if you have any of the above requirements. Stay rest assured we will convince you the way we have won the trust of so many of our previous clients.

Project Details


November, 2020


The Nucleus Chesterford Research Park




JCoffey LTD



ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001,VM Interiors, Dry Wall, Plastering, Suspended Ceilings, Stretch Ceilings
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001,VM Interiors, Dry Wall, Plastering, Suspended Ceilings, Stretch Ceilings

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