Project Description

Stretch Ceilings for a Private Swimming Pool

The client who requested this project had a private swimming pool in Devon. The client had this swimming pool installed some years ago in their farmhouse, with a snooker room above. The client made the decision to install this ceiling for two reasons; the first was because of the rising moisture that came from the pool. The moisture was destroying the joints, making them unstable. The second was because the ceiling was very low. The client had heard a lot about stretched ceilings in the past, so they came to VM Interiors to get a quote.

What We Did

We installed a vapour barrier above the pool, while also adding a glossy appearance which would then bring over 80% more reflection to the room. This would make the ceiling appear much higher than it actually is, as well as adding an extra dimension to the room. We also chose to go with the white gloss look, because this keeps the room looking bright while also making it appear much bigger.

As you can see from the pictures, the ceiling has made a lot of difference to the room, and it also offers an extra layer of protection to both the pool room and the surrounding structures. The client was also so happy with the project, that they referred us to local swimming pool companies so we can carry out more local roofing projects in Devon.

This is just one example of the many stretch ceilings and swimming pool ceilings that we have installed, and our client satisfaction continues to drive us as a company to deliver consistent results that have a remarkable effect on any home, property and business.
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