Project Description

St. Ives Oriental Restaurant Design Idea

Our latest project has been completed on two different levels. It was for the Cherry Valley Restaurant in High Street, and the current owners, Mr & Mrs Lau have been managing it now for well over 25 years. Over this time, they have established a huge client base so it is important to them that they keep up the interior appearance of the diner.

The interior of the diner was actually in reasonable condition, so they chose to concentrate on the ground floor with a complete refurbishment planned. They also had the bar and bathroom area changed, so the layout was more efficient for themselves and the customers.

The ceiling was very important to the clients, and they wanted a unique and fresh design. That’s where we came in. The focal point was to be a wave-shaped ceiling with LED lights. This helped the ceiling to blend in with the shop fitting and the restaurant design, not to mention that the ceilings idea really helped to change the dynamics of the room.

The bar is opposite the entrance doors, so we had the idea of using a black gloss ceiling with fibre optic- starry styled lighting. This matched in with the LED mirrored shelving as well as the fish tank. The private area seemed like the ideal place to have daylight clouds printed on the ceiling, with back-lit LED strips that could control the brightness during the day and the night.

Over the next few days, customers flooded in to see the new look. The customers joked that we should do the same with the other rooms, and before you know it, we had our work cut out for us with the rest of the diner.

  • The first floor had black starry skies with fibre optics.
  • The second area had a deep yellow gloss ceiling with a vast lantern decoration
  • The third had an LED-backlit ceiling with dolphins printed to add effect.
  • The project has attracted diners from across the town, and Mr and Mrs Lau are delighted with the finished result

Project Video

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