Project Description

32 Apartments & 10 Houses

One of our projects involved dry-lining of 32 apartments & 10 houses in Milton Keynes. The process consisted in attaching the plasterboard to the interior surfaces of buildings. In this way, we generated an even structure that gives the opportunity to paint and decorate straight away.

Dry lining is a faster and simpler method to fit than damp plaster. These surfaces are more straightforward to replace, producing buildings softer. We used dry-lining because this method is adopted for increasing thermal covering and to stop condensation.

Our specialists have done a great job on this project, met the deadlines and also respected all the health and safety requirements. The project was very comprehensive because there was work to do, not only on apartments but also houses, which involve more attention and professionalism.

Every project has a significant effect on us which helps us do our job better and improve quality. If you decide to make a change in your home, we are always happy to help you.