Project Description

Carlsberg – Installation of Suspended Ceilings

We are pleased to share with you one of our projects in Northampton – the installation of suspended ceilings in the staff canteen at Carlsberg.

Our team and the client decided which the design for the ceilings would be, according to all the requirements and health and safety rules. The choice stopped on the black colour from our pallet which was the best option for the interior design.

Suspended ceilings were an excellent supply for an effective cost and professional look in that room. The design was built to fit with the lighting system, air conditioning and heating.

Our client decided to choose the suspended ceiling installation because it has a lot of advantages which are:

  • the process of installation is simple;
  • in case of any necessary repairs, it is easy to remove the ceilings;
  • it’s more economical than renovation;
  • provides a simple way of lights installation;
  • the pallet of materials and colour is huge;