Project Description

3D Infinity Tunnel Stretch Ceilings

VM Interiors have installed this hand-picked 3D ceiling. The ceiling itself has multi-coloured LED lights, which really brings the design together. We have installed countless modern ceilings, printed stretch ceilings and 3D tunnel ceilings in the past, so it really is no wonder that people come to us first when they need a unique design for their business.

Piincha, a UK company based in Bath have recently told us that their brand of frozen yogurts, bubble teas and Asian desert has made a great start since they opened shop in February 2013. They have also reported that many customers have been impressed with the ceiling we installed, and we use this as motivation to drive us as a company.

Kim and Ricky also made an enquiry about our services, and they were also quoted by two other stretch ceiling companies. Even after speaking to the other companies they were still very keen to meet with us to see how we compared in price as well as professional services.

The meet was quickly arranged, and on arrival, we completely understood the vision they had for their business. We advised them on all of our ceilings, as well as helping them to find one that would reflect their business perfectly.

Now, a few years on, Kim and Ricky continue to succeed with their business and their ceiling remains to be a popular point of conversation with customers. We continue to wish Kim and Ricky all the best with their new business, and all the best in the future.

The ceiling itself utilises a very unique design, with colour changing technology that brings a unique design to the business, helping it to stand out among other businesses as well as adding another dimension to the room itself.


3d Printed Ceilings