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At VM interiors, we have experts, based in Northampton, ready to undertake tape and jointing work on your project, whatever the size. We spend quality time with you to make sure your needs are both fully understood and met for every project we work on. We never leave a project until it is finished to the highest quality, and we pride ourselves on our return custom.

What is Tape and Jointing

Tape and jointing is a simple way to repair plasterboard that is solid but damaged. We can also provide tape and jointing services to join plasterboards together without leaving any cracks or gaps. We take each section and provide a smooth join between plasterboards so that you can create a space that is the envy of others. This system is different from traditional plastering as it requires less drying time and offers a cleaner solution when you want to maximise the time you have available for your project.

How it Works

When we begin the process of taping and jointing, we ensure that each plasterboard is correctly in place before putting filler between each board. The filler we use helps to smooth the area and takes away all the gaps and cracks. When the area is complete, we move on to the next, and so on until the room is complete. When the room is finished, there will be no evidence that there was any damaged plasterboard or and cracks between plasterboards, leaving a beautiful finish that is ready for decoration.

Fulfilling Your Requirements

We work with you to scope out what tape and jointing requirements you have and then work together to agree on a time-frame and price structure. Our methods are innovative and cutting edge, making us the ideal choice for all your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail or arrange a quote.

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