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At VM Interiors, we have expert dry-lining contractors who have years of experience and a passion for delivering your project on time. As a customer-focused company, we will listen to your needs and work with you to create the best way forward.

Not Sure What You Need?

Unless you work in the industry, you probably won’t know which services and which techniques will be most appropriate for your project. This is where we come in! Our highly skilled operatives are experienced in all aspects of drylining and can advise and guide you through the process. We will only ever start with a project when you are 100% happy with the plan we create together.

Drylining is a perfect solution in a variety of situations. At VM Interiors, we can deliver high quality, cost-effective drylining for your residential, commercial or industrial project.

Why Drylining?

If you are carrying out renovations or you want to create partitions, drylining the way forward. We only use the best materials and will ensure the strength, thickness and size are perfect for your project. If you want a partition that provides privacy, we will make sure that we use party wall insulation that helps to keep out the noise. This is usually the option used in residential settings so that residents can have privacy.

Why Choose VM Interiors For Your Drylining?

We also keep up to date with laws and regulations, so you know that when we are on-site delivering services, the end result will always comply with any regulations that apply. Not only do we make sure our work is above the law, but our expert drylining contractors also use techniques to tape and join party walls so that you can skim plaster and be left with a perfectly smooth finish.

Whether you know exactly what you need, or would like a bit of guidance, get in touch today and let’s discuss!

Drylining Contractors
Drylining Contractors
Drylining Contractors

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