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Acoustics are important in any project. If the acoustics in your building aren’t right, then it can create an uncomfortable atmosphere. At VM Interiors, we want everyone to feel comfortable in their environment and find the right balance of peace and functionality in their work or living space.

Acoustic Experts

Knowing how important acoustics are, we have made sure that we are experts in the field when it comes to delivering interior building solutions. We understand the right materials to use to deflect, reduce and absorb sound by placing and positioning the right ceiling panels, wall partitions and screens.

Where Do We Consider Acoustics?

All projects take acoustics into account at some level. However, there are certain projects where we find it needs to be more of a focus.

  • Schools – It is important that we create an environment where pupils can study. Minimising noise helps to maintain a peaceful learning atmosphere.
  • Health care facilities – Patients don’t recover quickly if they can’t rest and relax. Keeping unnecessary noises away from the patients allows them to concentrate on getting better.
  • Offices – Letting your employees focus on their work without being exposed to high noise levels.
  • Theatres and conference halls -Here we use acoustics to help to enhance the quality of sound, rather than to minimise to cancel it.
  • Private homes – We even consider acoustics when providing small jobs in your home as we know the importance of having a peaceful environment.

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When you choose to connect with VM Interiors, you will be impressed with our knowledge of acoustics and experience of installing systems that help you enjoy a better sound quality. We will provide a free quote and answer any questions you have so that you can feel reassured that you are getting the best service in the industry.

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