On the way to accreditation of ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 we have faced some difficulties but more of that huge opportunities. Now we are pleased to inform you that we have successfully achieved recommendations through ACM Ltd. (our chosen certification body) for UKAS accreditations.

We have started our implementation of IMS in January and have had to develop documents with the internal processes and procedures. Almost all of the documents were completed by the end of March but then we faced the pandemic of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the COVID 19 and associated lockdown arrived, which threw a rather large spanner into the middle of our project plan! We overcame this by setting up a shared Microsoft SharePoint System for all the project documents, using the structure we have developed and now use for all our clients:

  • Level 1 Policy statements
  • Level 2 Management Information
  • Level 3 ‘topic buckets’ for everything from ‘Audits’ to ‘Vehicle Records’

We were then all able to work on the documents while communicating through a varying combination of Teams, Phone and Email.

In July we have had to complete the implementation of internal audits remotely before the Stage 2 Certification Body audit and using a lot of screen-sharing. We were able to evidence the entire customer journey from initial enquiry through to contract set up, delivery of the project, completion of the project and customer satisfaction survey.

Furthermore, we have had great help from the side of our ISO Management Consultants Ltd. who have helped us on every stage of IMS implementation. They were very easy to work with and have overachieved our expectations.

Thanks to ISO Management Consultants Ltd. who helped us to get through tough times and now we are pleased to inform that IMS implementation is successful.