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Dry lining Contractors

Dry lining or plasterboard is an inner layer of gypsum sandwiched between two outer layers of lining paper. Gypsum is made from crystals that contain a small amount of water. This prevents fire from spreading. It can be designed for even better fireproofing. It is compact, therefore good for soundproofing.

Some boards are specifically designed for more sound or noise proofing.
Partition walls are created using plasterboard in a modern installation.

Soundproof boards, fireproof boards, and aqua board that is designed for water resistance are but three new innovative designs of plasterboard.

The reasons for dry lining:
1. It’s efficient.
Dry lining works by nailing plasterboard on to a timber frame. It is quicker, cleaner, even more, convenient than methods using block.2. Hides other construction
The flexibility of plasterboard makes concealing ugly pipework, wiring, and other building materials easy. It is an effective way to disguise construction apparatus that might otherwise be evident in basements, ceilings, or other make-overs.
3. Better for insulation
The construction methods of sheetrocking create a cavity that can be filled with insulation. Traditional brick walls do not offer this advantage. This method of better insulation allows lower energy bills while stabilizing temperatures.
4. Improved acoustics
By choosing a high soundproof rated plasterboard you can radically change while improving acoustics in a room. This will make it ideal for a teenagers den or a busy private business meeting room.
5. Easy future renovation
Dry lining will allow you to ameliorate the functionality and looks of any room. Any surface can be relined allowing you to cut out walls, make rooms larger or smaller, or even make them circular with no corners. You will be able to create a new design and improve the appearance of the rooms.

6. Easily decorated
Plasterboard allows you to decorate and redecorate because it is easy to clean, paint, and wallpaper. It can be plastered over and it can be repaired easily.