Are Stretch Ceilings Expensive?

Stretch ceilings are one of the most modern options to decorate ceiling surfaces that allow you to upgrade your home or office interiors dramatically. Stretch ceilings offer a host of advantages over other types of ceiling. They are lightweight as well as easy to manage and transport to installation sites. Moreover, you can install them quickly – in most cases, it takes not more than 5 hours. Plus, they are durable, recyclable and a low-maintenance option. However, despite so many benefits, one question that may bother many customers is, “Are stretch ceilings expensive?

Well, there is no conclusive answer to this. And, a lot of factors come into play when it is about determining stretch ceiling price. But before we dig deep into costs, let’s first understand what stretch ceiling is along with its advantages over traditional types of ceiling.


What Are Stretch Ceilings?

Stretch ceilings are a modernised version of ceiling decoration, comprising of a panel mounted over a metal or plastic profile on the ceiling. In their most fundamental form, stretch ceilings consist of two primary elements:

  • Profile, which is a frame that surrounds all odd elements of a ceiling (windows, vents, lights, etc.)
  • Material, which is a sort of fabric that is stretched by stapling or nailing onto the profile.

The base of the stretch ceiling is usually a film of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester fabric, or reinforced polyvinyl chloride. Its most popular example is Barrisol ceiling. Stretch ceilings offers safety, style and even protection against leaks that make them a highly practical option for a contemporary interior.

Depending on the complexity of the shape of the ceiling and the size of the home or office, stretch ceiling installation takes nearly a day per 60 square metres to complete. The installation process generally include the following steps:

  • Profile installation
  • Material stretching
  • Colouring

Advantages of Stretch Ceilings

Owing to their remarkable properties, stretch ceilings have gained substantial popularity in the last couple of years across the globe. Here are a few benefits of stretch ceiling installation:

  • The installation can be performed without the need to repair the existing surface of the ceiling.
  • Offers noise insulation because of the air cushion between the fabric and ceiling.
  • A wide range of ceiling surfaces and colour options to choose from, that allows you to install even the most daring of design solutions, such as arch creation, printed image ceilings, multi-tier ceilings and more.
  • Certified stretch ceilings are eco-friendly, not hazardous to human health and fireproof.
  • The “material” is mechanically quite durable can easily resist pressure of 100-150 litres of water per square metre without changing its shape or dimensions. Moreover, the film is resistant to fats, detergents and moisture. The ceilings can also withstand temperatures between +50°C and -50°C.
  • The average service life of stretch ceilings are up to 50 years. Established stretch ceiling installation companies usually offer a guarantee of 5-10 years.
  • Stretch ceilings can be easily disassembled or reinstalled without any loss to aesthetic and operational features.
  • They are easy to care and maintain – can be cleaned using a dry cloth, mild detergent or ammonia solution, followed by pat drying with a dry piece of cloth.

Stretch Ceiling Costs

The interesting properties of stretch ceilings allow for the installation of highly complex types of ceilings. So, when customers pay for it, their concern about the material and labour costs is obvious. Stretch ceilings fall under the category of interior designing products that you cannot buy from a random store at a standard price. In every case, the stretch ceiling cost is determined individually and the final price can only be set after measurements and on-site inspection.

As mentioned earlier, stretch ceiling costs rely on a number of factors. Knowing these will surely help you get the answer of the question, “Are stretch ceilings expensive?

  • Choice of Fabric: There are many finishes available for a stretch ceiling canvas, such as gloss, super-mirrored, satin and translucent, among many others. Besides, there are innumerable colour options to choose from. And, the best part – you can get your preferred design or image imprinted on the ceiling of your home or office. In terms of cost, a simple white ceiling with matt finish would cost you way less than a designer/printed one.


  • Corners and Walls: From a manufacturer or installation perspective, placing a stretch ceiling in a regular room with four corners and walls is much easier. This means, irregularity or complexity of a room’s shape as well as the number of corners in a room is likely to increase the cost of a stretch ceiling installation


  • Shapes and Levels: An exclusive benefit of stretch ceilings is that you can create different shapes and levels – thanks owing to their elastic properties. While this may take your interiors to a whole new level, it can be more expensive than less complex options. This is probably because, such projects take more time and effort to design, create and install the ceiling.


  • Extra Elements: Stretch ceilings offer ample adaptability to work with extra elements like fans, lights, pipes and smoke alarms. However, this will need additional materials along with the applicable changes in the canvas and design. This can raise the stretch ceiling installation cost. Generally, in such cases, the cost goes up linearly with the inclusion of every new element.


  • Location: If the manufacturer or installer is far away, the price of stretch ceiling increases. A company is likely to charge more if the installation site lies outside of the radius of their service area.


  • Order Size: Usually, if the area to be covered with stretch ceiling is more than 50 square metres, the cost may go down. However, more than a single order of 50 square metres in total may not reduce the stretch ceiling price significantly as this will not just increase the perimeter, but also the installation time and number of profiles.


The points discussed above should now help you make an informed decision while choosing stretch ceilings for your home or office. For expert advice on stretch ceiling options or professional-grade installation at a competitive rate, we encourage you to get in touch with VM Interiors.