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Dry-Lining Contractors Northampton

C Stud and Channel Partitions

If you are after cost-effective and wall lining partitions, then stud and channel partitions are what you need. They can be used in residential and even commercial buildings for partitioning or refurbishment projects. The partitions come in varying strength, thickness, width and length. This means they are perfect for a variety of applications like impact resistance and sound insulation.

The lining is taped, and this can guarantee you a smooth finish. Alternatively, you can choose a plated skim for the same seamless finish and appearance. This makes them effective for dry-lining.


Party Walls

The channel and stud party walls are twin-framed and non-load bearing. Party wall installation is usually meant to help keep out the noise and also ensure that both parties enjoy their privacy. This is the reason it is mainly used in residential buildings to maintain tranquillity. If you want to meet specific sound performance in a commercial or industrial building, then this system can also be the solution. Furthermore, it complies with the National Building Regulations and thus you will never have to worry about breaking the law.

Party walls have a lining that is taped and jointed, or you could go for a skim plaster finish for a smooth and seamless appearance.


Beam Encasement

The fire has always been dangerous in commercial and residential buildings. To help mitigate its effects, you can choose beam encasement around structural steel to offer up to 3 hours of fire resistance. This acts like fire resistant plastering around universal columns and beams sections.

Beam encasement comes in varying flange thickens. Other than maintaining the building’s structural forms, it also protects joist sections, castellated beam sections and portal frames. The beauty of beam encasement is that it can be used in almost any building provided fire protection is needed.


Tape and Jointing Contractors Northampton

Tape and Jointing Contractors NorthamptonVM Interiors provide tape and jointing services in Northampton, Milton Keynes and surround where we expertly and professionally build new partitions walls and MF ceilings systems.

By precise jointing and taping it to a smooth finish, you can get on painting, decorating, hanging wall art and photos, or making your home or office sound and stylish.Our tape and jointing system is used to join plasterboard to the walls and ceilings of the structure being worked on. This is called dry lining.

This adhering and smoothing system of taping and jointing is achieved by bringing together the plasterboards and setting them into place evenly and applying a few coats of filler, which act as a smoothing agent, intended to even out all creases that may have been present between the separate boards, allowing each board to blend into the next, creating a larger section of seamless wall space.


After the filler has been applied, the entire surface is now smooth and complete. The wall that needed to be built or repaired, is now ready to be decorated by the owner for a beautiful and seamless look. The tape and jointing system is different than the wet plastering method you may be familiar with, which uses additional materials and smoothing with a joint tool and requires drying time and sanding to achieve the same results. This is why our professionals stand apart from the rest.

We at VM Interiors & Drywall Solutions LTD use innovative, efficient, and cost-effective methods to build up a solid platform and provide a smooth finish to your wall space, so you can get on or get finished with your projects quickly.

Give us a call and let VM interiors & drywall solutions LTD work for you!


Suspended Ceilings Contractors Northampton

VM Interiors can take on board any aspects of suspended ceilings.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to enhance the professional appearance of your building, then you may want to consider a suspended ceiling.

It is possible to install a suspended ceiling, even if you have pipework from air conditioning or heating systems near your roof. Suspended ceilings will also work with most types of lighting systems. There are also other benefits associated with this type of ceiling, including improved acoustics and insulation. You can customise your suspended ceiling in terms of the design of the tiles, and different tiles are available depending on the nature of your business. For example, if you have damp areas in your building, you can choose moisture resistant tiles for these areas.


If you want to protect any structural steelwork or compartment floors, then suspended ceilings are a good choice because they come with a fire rating of either thirty minutes or one hour of protection. Hoods with fire ratings can also be installed to protect lighting.

We can help you choose the right type of suspended ceiling for your business from our extensive range of systems. We have systems that will suit every budget and can help you find the ceiling that will improve the appearance of your building as well as meet all current regulations.

Stretch Ceilings Systems

We’re not like other ceiling installation companies. We will follow your exact requirements, to the smallest detail to ensure that you are given the best service possible by our talented team of experts. If you need a new ceiling within your home, then there is no need to worry. We can give you everything you need for a very affordable price. We believe in delivering an exceptional finish with every project we work on. We even focus on keeping noise pollution to a minimum, with reduced disturbance to both yourself and your household. You don’t need to worry about cracks and any other.


We even focus on keeping noise pollution to a minimum, with reduced disturbance to both yourself and your household. You don’t need to worry about cracks and any other risks because we can provide you with something that is sustainable with a professional finish at an affordable price.

Domestic and Private Households – If your ceiling needs replacing, then our team can certainly help. We can install stretch ceilings for both private and domestic households, getting the job done in a timely manner in a way that suits you.

The stretch ceiling is suitable for many different applications; they are perfect for cafés, shops, restaurants, cinemas and even nightclubs. Our team has years of experience when it comes to commercial installations, and we only provide the best when it comes to our staff. We always arrive prepared, so you can rest assured knowing that your ceiling will completely transform the look of your premises, giving it a new lease of life for both you and your customers.

Swimming Pools – Everyone likes an indoor pool, and stretch ceilings are certainly ideal for a pool environment. A stretch ceiling is unaffected by chlorine, moisture and sulphur, not to mention that the membrane to the material itself is also waterproof, as well as being pre-finished. This provides your pool room with a completely waterproof barrier that ensures that no corrosive vapours pass through to the above rooms.

Plastering Contractors

VM Interiors and Drywall Solutions LTD delivers all aspects of top-quality plastering services. Our clients are based in commercial areas around the Northamptonshire, Bedford shire, Cambridge, London areas. Our plastering contractors bring more than 10 years of experience in our industry and deliver a clean, reliable and very professional service that ensures all our clients are totally satisfied with our work. We offer you a broad range of top-quality plastering services for both commercial and domestic projects in all areas.

VM Interiors has a true passion for plastering. It doesn’t matter if the job is a small repair or a total renovation, we have the expertise, professionalism, and experience to handle all aspects of plaster finishing.

Aside from our expert craftsmanship, we offer you full peace of mind by giving you our Satisfaction Guarantee. Our VM Interiors guarantee covers a broad range of quality plastering and rendering services.

Every aspect of plastering that we do for you. If we take it on, our guarantee comes with us. You can count on us.

Mineral fibre ceilings in the UK

When designing office spaces with mineral fibre ceilings, a few things must be taken into consideration. Most clients looking to install office ceilings are after a few key features: they want consistency throughout the building in order to maintain a professional, harmonious appearance. They also need all safety precautions to be taken, they require soundproofing and acoustic control, and they need their ceilings to be done in a cost-effective and convenient manner. The answer to all of these requirements is surely mineral fibre ceilings. Taylor Hart Limited have years of experience in providing and installing mineral fibre ceilings, for clients across the country.


Mineral fibre ceilings have become more or less standardised in the UK over the past few decades, in many types of buildings from schools to offices, and others in between. They are a recognisable ceiling type, made up of individual fibre panels which fit together to create an attractive, durable and practical ceiling surface. Strong and durable, a mineral fibre ceiling can cope with all sorts of components such as light fittings, air conditioning units and all manner of electrical and mechanical additions which need to be fixed to a ceiling.

Safety is of paramount importance for all types of buildings, but particularly for workplaces where large numbers of people work each day. As such, these ceilings are a perfect choice with regards to safety as they act as a flame retardant. It doesn’t just fire they insulate against, though, as these ceilings also have sound absorption properties that make them ideal for office spaces where concentration needs to be maintained. Thanks to the simplicity of their design, and the ease with which they are manufactured, mineral fibre ceiling panels can also be produced in a range of colours and textures to suit your design and to add harmonising features to your interior spaces.

 Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRS)

In 1977, glass reinforced gypsum was introduced to the UK from the United States. This was a new concept in building materials. It was a lightweight, strong and durable material. It could be used for both structural and decorative interior construction, and it would prove to be enormously popular throughout the later 20th century. It remains highly popular today, thanks to its flexibility as a material, and the fact that it can be easily used in a very wide range of settings. In fact, as long as it isn’t subjected to damp, it can be and is used in all manner of buildings, from casinos and churches to theatres and shopping centres, hotels and private homes.


One of the key features of glass reinforced gypsum (or GRG) is the fact that it is a mineral based material. This is flame retardant, making it ideal for public interior spaces where safety is a high priority. It is also highly malleable, making it a perfect material for forming unusual and decorative components to interiors, such as domes or decorative arches, and GRG ceilings which require a bespoke surface. Indeed, the design possibilities implicit in the use of glass reinforced gypsum are more or less endless. In fact, they are subject only to the limits of the designer’s imagination. Here at Taylor Hart Limited, glass reinforced gypsum has been used to great effect at Waitrose, where we created some stunning feature bulkheads with this innovative and effective material.

Glass-reinforced gypsum is composed of two key materials, the first being a high-density gypsum, and the second being glass fibre which acts as a reinforcement, strengthening the gypsum and allowing it a longer lifespan and opening up the possibilities of what one can do with it. The material itself is very similar to other, more traditional plaster mouldings, except thanks to its unique composition, it is both lighter and stronger. It is typically cast, which gives it an endless array of possible shapes and forms, and installation is quick, easy and cost-effective.

Passive Fire Protection

Fire protection that carries out its function without requiring manual or automatic initiation of its operation in the event of the fire. The methods we use to protect structural steel are:

  • Fire resisting boards
  • Dry linings
  • Mineral wool
  • Intumescent coatings


These minimum standards are there to protect life, not property and whether the proposals given in Approved Document B (ADB) are used, or the project uses a fire engineer to optimise the fire design these levels of protection must be provided.

Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings have a wide variety of needs. For some ceiling projects, only the most robust and durable materials will suffice. Particularly for large-scale interior spaces, industrial spaces and ambitiously designed buildings, metal ceilings are an absolute necessity. We can provide the perfect blend of structural integrity, long-lasting reliability, and flexibility in design and conceptual realisation.


We Produce Standard & Bespoke Metal Ceilings

Thanks to the unique properties of the metals we work within our ceiling projects, we are able to provide standard and bespoke ceilings that not only look fantastic but which are guaranteed to be fit for purpose. Our ceilings allow our clients to rest at ease, safe in the knowledge their building is well protected and their ceiling is going to fulfil its function effectively for decades to come.

Long Lasting & Extremely Durable

Indeed, long life expectancy is one of the key attributes of metal ceilings. With the right materials and application, these ceilings will service a building for many, many years, and with minimal upkeep, will maintain its great appearance. Our recent clients have included Sainsbury’s supermarkets and John Lewis, two clients who recognise the importance of having an interior metal ceiling which needs to combine a striking and consistent appearance with reliability and durability.

Flexible For Creative Designs

Metal ceilings have another key advantage to them, too – that of flexibility in design. Thanks to the malleability of metal sheeting, and the fact that it can be cut, bent, curved and rolled relatively easily, companies such as ours are able to realise a wide range of architectural visions with our metal ceilings. While most clients need something practical and simple, dramatic waves, curls, twists and turns are all possible and are all becoming more commonplace due to an increasingly demanding design industry. At Taylor Hart Limited, we take great pride in providing ceilings that achieve our client’s specifications, no matter how big or small the project may be.


Coloured render is a recent and popular development. It can be applied to most types of masonry. It is a one coat finish that is supplied ready mixed and is through coloured and weather resistant. This type of render is a cost-effective solution, requiring less time to complete, produces a decorative finish which is virtually maintenance free and guaranteed usually for ten years by the manufacturers.


A wide range of manufacturers and colours are available. It can be scraped, scraped with Ashlar cuts, stone or textured.

We can also provide traditional sand and cement render, which is still preferred by some clients. This can either be ready mixed or mixed on site. This type of render will need a finishing coat of a proprietary external masonry paint.



Taylor Hart Ltd have gained, through the acquisition of Bellworth Finishes Ltd, vast experience of rendering and screeding contracts and offer the following products:

Traditional floor screed:

Meets BSI standards and increasingly tough European regulations. Factory mixed, it provides excellent cement dispersion providing greater and more uniform strength throughout. The screed is workable for up to 12 hours and flexible enough for several different bases. Alternative mixtures will provide additional strength, early setting or can be used in sound and thermal insulation and weight-reduction applications.

Fibre screed:

Developed to meet the increasing demand for factory-mixed cement and sand screeds of all mix designs incorporating an even dispersion of polypropylene fibres. The presence of suitable fibres can help to give a more cohesive mix and help control cracking caused by intrinsic stresses.

Flow screed :

An innovative product delivering quality, speed and versatility, it can be easily laid usually between 10 to 20 times faster than conventional screed and can receive foot traffic within 36 hours.

Structural Stud

Structural stud is a more recent addition to THL services.

SFS is a versatile fast-track building system manufactured from lightweight, cold roll-formed galvanised steel sections which are screwed together on site.


This system is suitable where the speed of construction and a lightweight frame is crucial. The size of the stud used, spacing and anchorage are all determined by floor-to-floor heights, deflection criteria and lateral wind pressures. The manufacturers of the systems available provide invaluable assistance with design and calculation in order to develop a scheme with us.