Residential Stretch Ceilings in Northampton

Residential Stretch Ceilings in Northampton 2018-10-02T10:53:31+00:00

Project Description

Residential Stretch Ceilings

VM Interiors and Drywall Solution LTD has just finished a residential stretch ceilings project in Northampton. Our team installed nine stretch ceiling systems in a residential property.

The owner opted for a High Gloss finish. This type of stretch ceilings offers a mirror effect and makes the rooms look bigger.VM Interiors along with the client designed a unique and different aspect of the house.

Stretch ceilings are always a good idea to transform a room into a unique design and an excellent looking alternative for improvement plans.

Stretch ceilings are a high quality, efficient, secure and cost-effective suspended cover solution. They are perfect not only in residential properties but also in commercial rooms.